Ten Lessons the Arts Teach

School is life.

“What is the purpose of school?”

“How will we make school mirror the world in a way that prepares students to live a fulfilling life?”

When we think about why art is an essential piece of educating the whole child we have to take into consideration a holistic view of the lessons that are learned through the arts.

We can not allow our understanding of the importance of arts education to be about drawing pictures or crafting interesting objects.

Ten Lessons the Arts Teach, by the late world-renowned Stanford professor of Art and Education, Elliot Eisner, expresses the depth of learning that can be achieved through an education that includes the arts.  An education in the arts that is supported with the resources, time and the value that children deserve will hit all ten of the lessons on this list.

It should remind all of us of why it is so important to have the arts in our lives, and why it makes us human.


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