FAQs KT Murphy Art Program

What is the schedule for art classes?

  • Art classes are 40 minutes
  • Ms. Ramsey teaches art Monday through Friday 
  • Mrs. Delmonico teaches art on Tuesdays 
  • Mr. Greco teaches art on Mondays 

What will my child learn in art?

  • About famous artists
  • Art processes like: painting, drawing, printmaking, clay sculpture and collage
  • To make connections between art and other subjects
  • To create original artwork based on a variety of themes
  • To use visual art vocabulary to discuss works of art
  • To use creativity to solve open ended problems
  • To develop an appreciation for different cultures and styles of art

How is my child graded in art?

  • In grades K-2 students receive an N, Y or an MP on their report card
  • In Grades 3-5 students receive a letter grade on their report card A, B, C…
  • In grades 3-5 students receive an effort grade of 1,2,3, or 4.
  • 1 is the lowest degree of effort and a 4 is the highest degree of effort
  • Student artwork is assessed on meeting objectives for each lesson
  • Effort is assessed on class participation

When will my child bring their artwork home?

  • All artwork will be taken home at the end of the school year
  • Some artwork will be sent home before the end of the school year

When will my child’s artwork be displayed?

  • Students will have at least one piece of artwork on display in our school-wide art show in May

How can I contact the art teachers?

How is Twitter being used in art classes?

  • Look for tweets with #ktmartists to see what we have been working on in art!

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