Teaching Creativity and Failure

Do we really need to teach children how to be creative?  Couldn’t teachers just give their students several options to represent their learning and then say “Go ahead, today you can be CREATIVE!”

If you have tried this approach you are a brave soul.  Students and teachers alike who have ever tried to just “be creative” may have met an unexpected friend in the process.  Failure.  Failure is a friend that tells you like it is.  Failure comes right out and lets you know exactly what you don’t know! Who needs a friend like that?  Everyone.

We have to teach kids that creativity and failure are best friends.  Sometimes they don’t get along and other times they compliment each other to achieve the amazing.

Without failure, there is no creativity and without creativity, there is no failure.

Here are two short stories I made using iMovie and my iPad to use as discussion starters with students on these two best friends.

Super “C” a short story about creativity. 


I in the Sky a short story about failure.


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