If you’ve never tried posting a project on donorschoose.org it’s time to put your ideas into action.  The #BestSchoolDay campaign funded over $14 million in 11,000 public schools this month including ours!  You may have heard about the flash funding through social media or “The Colbert Report”.  Stephen Colbert is a huge supporter and member of the board of directors at DonorsChoose since 2009.

We were extremely lucky to have our “Inspiration Learning Lab” project funded. Within the span of a few days our art room has transformed.  Now students can begin to explore their creative ideas more deeply using technology.  The tools we received for this project are going to enhance what students can do.  There has always been excitement about art because students know they will be making things, but this is taking it to a new level. Our traditional art room equipped with 21st century technology will combine hands-on art experiences with cutting edge tools to create a unique collaborative makerspace.

Our 3D printer just arrived and is still in the box, but already kids are asking questions about it and debating about how they think it works.  Yesterday a 2nd grader said, “Maybe we can print 3D models of ourselves or even Mr. Rodriguez (our principal)!” This is exactly the kind of enthusiasm I was hoping for and we are just beginning to unpack our materials. Thank you #BestSchoolDay and our incredibly generous donor.

As we build this program based on inspiring students to learn through art and technology we will tell our story here. It’s amazing how things can change from one day to the next.



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