Looking Ahead to a New Year

Looking Forward to a Great School Year!

I’m happy with how our work in art went last year and I am even more excited about building on our accomplishments and strengths in the new year ahead.  Some of the highlights from last year include: Family Interactive Art Night, International Dot Day, Off the Wall Art and Artist Choice.

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Global Learning, Global Citizenship and Creativity

Art is a place where students come to make things and create.  It is a perfect opportunity for students to learn about themselves and others.  We will continue to explore other cultures through art and use technology to connect with teachers and students in different parts of the country and the world. Students will see that their art is being shared with a vast audience with the purpose of building connections and understanding how other people live. They will have many opportunities to decide how to create and share their artwork and what messages they want to communicate through art while learning how to be a productive global citizen and use technology for learning. We will use Twitter and this blog to share our learning.

Follow me on Twitter at @catieramsey to see our tweets from art or search #ktmartists 

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International Dot Day

Beginning in September students in grades  K-5 will create and share artwork via Twitter as we participate in our 2nd International Dot Day Celebration.  We will reflect on the meaning of creativity as we read “The Dot” by Peter H. Reynolds and collaborate on artwork to display in our school and share with other students and teachers on Twitter. Everyone is encouraged to participate (All Adults and Children Included!) Follow the link to explore more about International Dot Day and what it’s all about!

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 1.19.54 PMGlobal Read Aloud

Last year many teachers participated in the Global Read Aloud and connected with other teachers and students around the country and the world by reading the same books and discussing them on Twitter or through video conferencing. This year the Global Read Aloud will begin on October 5th. During art students will create artwork based on the author study for the GRA by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. There are additional books that are part of the GRA too. You can access more info by going to this link to see the other choices for #GRA15. 

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