All School Meeting 9/23- Celebrate Literacy and Art!

Our all school meeting is on Tuesday, September 23rd.  We are celebrating literacy and art because we want students to know the importance of reading and building their creative skills as artists! There are two global learning events that we are highlighting at our all school meeting, International Dot Day and Global Read Aloud 2014.

International Dot Day is a worldwide celebration of creativity started by teacher Terry Shay and based on the book “The Dot” by Peter H. Reynolds.  The idea of participating is simple. Read “The Dot” and create artwork inspired by the story.  “Make a mark and see where it takes you”, but it’s much more than that. The story reflects many important life lessons and students pick up on them in the deeper message of the story. International Dot Day began in 2010 and now includes over 74 countries around the world where students are creating artwork inspired by “The Dot” and having discussions about the book. When I introduced this learning event to students I told them that they would be connecting with hundreds of other students around the world who are working together to spread the message of International Dot Day,  “Create Bravely” and “Make Your Mark”. It’s about empowering children to see that anything is possible if they try.

The Global Read Aloud and International Dot Day are connected.  The author study for GRA14 is Peter H. Reynolds! Here are the recommended books by this author for GRA14. “The Dot” is not on the list because of the growing participation of International Dot Day! The idea is simple but powerful.  Read the same book at the same time around the world.  Then teachers choose how they will incorporate learning activities that tie in with the book and connect with other students.

To make the collaboration easier for everyone, for the author study we recommend reading these books:
Week 1: The North Star
Week 2: I’m Here
Week 3: Ish
Week 4: Sky Color
Week 5: Going Places
Week 6: Your Choice!

If you want to learn more visit the links on this post.

Note: There are other book choices for the GRA14 that may appeal to older students.

Happy reading and creating!

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