International Dot Day #DotDay

Every artist wants to make their own mark but sometimes it’s hard to get started. A very kind art teacher in the story “The Dot” by Peter H. Reynolds helps one student uncover her passion for art.  It all starts with just one ordinary dot.  When Vashti’s art teacher asks her to sign her paper she discovers that her dot isn’t ordinary at all, it’s ART! It doesn’t end there.  Vashti gets so inspired that she actually makes an entire museum gallery filled with her variations of dots.  The best part is she inspires other kids to be artists too.  We are celebrating this spirit of creative positive energy and courage by participating in International Dot Day! What kinds of dots will you create?

Send all your creative works of art based on “The Dot” to Ms. Ramsey.  We will post them here for the world to see!

Dots are due by September 15th the official date for International Dot Day.

Remember to read the book and then create your own amazing dots!

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